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Magicnote 0.1.6 Release

This release include big enhancement and several new features [bump here]: 0.1.6 2012-12-23     Issue #7: rename list to ls     Issue #6: before add/edit/rm, create a index.bak first, and can revert to last version by a new command -> revert     Issue #3: add -p option for ls and find command, which […]

A new tool — magicnote, let’s rock your notes

I dont know whether you encounter these issue: Many snippets in anywhere, sometimes you can’t find it when you want to use that A large size of text hold all kinds of snippets, you can’t find what you want quickly When you want to run a command in your note, […]

Httpd mock service was born last night

aha, I’m very excited to tell everybody, my new project named “httpd_mock” was born last night. Ok, let me give you a short brief:   It’s a mock service for performance testing, debugging or something else, it support 3 types of response: specific length response chunked response mix type ( contain […]