Auto-News: An Automatic News Aggregator with LLM

TL; DR Want to reduce the noise and focus on the interested content? There is the new project "Auto-News" which integrates with LLM to help you. This is the first article, I will mainly cover about the high ideas/architecture/solution and post more in the future. Motivation In the world of this information explosion, we live … Read more

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Tmux: Network RTT Detection

1 Overview I deal with multiple remote hosts everyday, sometimes, to better understand the current network situation clearly, I want to know the RTTs (Round-Trip Time) between the multiple hops quickly without run any commands against the target hosts manually again and again, which is painful and low efficient. In this article, I’ll share my … Read more

Data partitioning: Consistent-Hashing

Overview From the previous article we may already have a basic concept of the load balancer, this time, let’s look at one of the popular algorithm: Consistent Hashing Use Cases Consistent Hashing is quite useful when dealing with the cache distributed issue in a dynamic environment (The servers keep adding/removing) compares with the Mod-Hashing. Basically, … Read more