Skull v1.1.1 Released

After passed all the test cases, I decided to release the Skull v1.1.1. And I am very excited to tell all the updates of v1.1.1 🙂 And to learn more about the background of Skull, please refer to some articles: Project Index Skull-Engine Released Skull-Engine Get Started Major updates Docker […]

Skull Version 1.0-rc3 comes out

Summary Recently I just pushed out Skull 1.0-rc3, this is a great improvement for Skull. Basically it includes multiple enhancements, like makes the error handling robuster, the functional test easier than ever, and a new Client object for getting the peer side information, etc. The release note please find it […]

Skull Released Version 1.0-rc1

After few months of development, so far Skull is moving forward to version 1.0 first release candidate. People often asked me about “What’s Skull?” and “Where it can be used?“. So I want to take this time to explain more about it: Skull is a event-driven serving framework with multiple […]

Skull-Engine: Getting Started

After introducing Skull, this time let’s see how to install and use Skull to create a Skull project. Install Skull As mentioned in Introduction, Skull includes 3 majors parts: skull-core, skull-apis and skull-scripts. To play with it, we need to install Skull first, then use Skull commands to create/manage a […]

Boom! Skull-Engine Released

I’m so excited to announce that the Skull-Engine is released today! Follow me to see the details. What’s Skull Skull is a serving framework, it can start fast, has high development productivity and is easy to maintain. Why was Skull born? To start a new project, we usually need to […]

Control your Traffic — Principle

Everyday, we view a lot of websites, we see many videos without care about how it works. Do you want to know the details? just follow me to take a look, and to see how to control it as well. Basic workflow The workflow of browser — website. User inputs […]

Compile mutrace on RHEL6

Why mutrace Recently, I want to profile the linux user lock(pthread mutex/rwlock) performance of a project, and there are few options for this purpose: valgrind(drd) systemtap(futexes.stp) lttng mutrace Finally, I selected the mutrace due to: valgrind(drd): It’s really slow, cannot provide credible information. systemtap(futexes.stp): It’s really great in profiling kernel, […]

Flibs 0.7.4 Released

The flibs 0.7.4 has been released, which include the following changes: 1. Refactor all the makefiles, now it can be built in parallel 2. Refactor the header files folder structure, to make them more user friendly 3. Refactor some apis, to make them more user friendly 4. Replace malloc with […]

Summary of 2014

In the past year, for my personal projects, I did some achievements on them, and created some new projects as well, here I just summarize them for the recording purposes. Exist Projects flibs: upgraded to 0.6.6, including: The code base refactor fhash refactor flog optimization other bug fixing fenv: more […]

Refactor fhash is done

Overview Aha, After some days, I have finished the refactor task for fhash, it’s really really big improvement for flibs, since many many components depend on it, such as: thread pool event framework pcap conversion lib log … Why need to do refactor The old fhash have some defects, such […]