Tmux: Network RTT Detection

1 Overview I deal with multiple remote hosts everyday, sometimes, to better understand the current network situation clearly, I want to know the RTTs (Round-Trip Time) between the multiple hops quickly without run any commands against the target hosts manually again and again, which is painful and low efficient. In this article, I’ll share my … Read more

Install Davinci Resolve 16 on Arch (Sound issue fixed)

Davinci Resolve is a famous non-linear video editing product, like many others: Final cut pro, Adobe Premiere Pro. The Beta version is free and powerful enough for most users, let’s see why I choose it and how to install it on Linux as well as how to fix those common issues like “UI is too … Read more

Ftracer: The C/C++ callgraph generator

Sometimes, we need the callgraph to help us reading the source code, especially the big C++ project, it’s really hard to understand the program quickly/easily. So, I wrote a tracer to record the whole code path, and then generate the callgraph by the trace file. It helped me to follow the correct code path, save … Read more