Load Balancer: Will our system survive?

Types of The Load Balancers There are two major types: Layer 4 load balancer Layer 7 load balancer Pros High availability, maintain the uninterrupted service externally Less downtime and higher throughput More secure, admins can easily to configure the routing rules Detect bottlenecks before they happening Fewer failed or stressed components Cons Additional hop adds … Read more

Install Davinci Resolve 16 on Arch (Sound issue fixed)

Davinci Resolve is a famous non-linear video editing product, like many others: Final cut pro, Adobe Premiere Pro. The Beta version is free and powerful enough for most users, let’s see why I choose it and how to install it on Linux as well as how to fix those common issues like “UI is too … Read more

About memory measurement and tracing

Finally we are here for Skull Engine v1.2.3, a special tag number, and a big story behind. Let’s check how many important features since v1.1: New: Realtime memory tracing tool skull-trace New: Override libc malloc to better measure memory stats New: Upgrade python2 to python3 Enhancement: Remove protobuf-c from Engine dependency Enhancement: Add google/protobuf as … Read more