Summary of 2014

In the past year, for my personal projects, I did some achievements on them, and created some new projects as well, here I just summarize them for the recording purposes. Exist Projects flibs: upgraded to 0.6.6, including: The code base refactor fhash refactor flog optimization other bug fixing fenv: more […]

Refactor fhash is done

Overview Aha, After some days, I have finished the refactor task for fhash, it’s really really big improvement for flibs, since many many components depend on it, such as: thread pool event framework pcap conversion lib log … Why need to do refactor The old fhash have some defects, such […]

The Steps of Creating a New Open Source Library

Recently, I’m doing the refactoring job of fhash lib, which is a part of flibs, during the refactoring, I realised that to create a new open source project, we should have some basic steps, and follow the steps we will keep moving to right forward without lost. Steps Ok, let’s […]

Ftracer: The C/C++ callgraph generator

Sometimes, we need the callgraph to help us reading the source code, especially the big C++ project, it’s really hard to understand the program quickly/easily. So, I wrote a tracer to record the whole code path, and then generate the callgraph by the trace file. It helped me to follow […]

A Tip of Writing Makefile — Using @

Ok, let’s talk about one of the tips for writing Makefile, the magic character ‘@’ Before continue, let’s think about one thing: when you want to build a project, write a shell script or use the Make for building your project, which one would you prefer? Ok, I’ll choose Make, […]

Compile Clang3.4

As we know, llvm is a great project, and it also include the clang compiler. And for Clang 3.4, it support dumping the format configuration file, so that people can generate the self-style format for their own project. Detail: ClangFormat  and ClangFormatStyleOptions And for now, Clang 3.4 has not been […]

Migration WordPress from 5.2.1 to 5.7.1

Ok guys, I just made a mistake and broken my blog few days ago, but finally, as it get back to normal, so let me show you what’s happening. It is beginning from a mad idea, I upgraded my vps OS to ubuntu 12.04, after that, I found that the […]

Final_Libs 0.4.3 released

Hi, This is a huge update, I just refine all the filenames and api names, and also support both 32 and 64bit libraries. So that, if someone who want to use the new version, need to be migrated your code to the new apis. If you don’t want to do […]

Why Signal is Dangerous

Seems this title is also dangerous, aha, this is a long story, some time ago, I want to implement a timer logic(when timer trigger, run some logic), but I don’t want to create a new thread, so I remember the signal, and then someone warning me maybe it’s not safe. […]

Magicnote 0.1.6 Release

This release include big enhancement and several new features [bump here]: 0.1.6 2012-12-23     Issue #7: rename list to ls     Issue #6: before add/edit/rm, create a index.bak first, and can revert to last version by a new command -> revert     Issue #3: add -p option for ls and find command, which […]