About memory measurement and tracing

Finally we are here for Skull Engine v1.2.3, a special tag number, and a big story behind. Let’s check how many important features since v1.1: New: Realtime memory tracing tool skull-trace New: Override libc malloc to better measure memory stats New: Upgrade python2 to python3 Enhancement: Remove protobuf-c from Engine dependency Enhancement: Add google/protobuf as … Read more

Skull v1.1.1 Released

After passed all the test cases, I decided to release the Skull v1.1.1. And I am very excited to tell all the updates of v1.1.1 :) And to learn more about the background of Skull, please refer to some articles: Project Index Skull-Engine Released Skull-Engine Get Started Major updates Docker Image Skull loves Docker, with … Read more

Skull-Engine: Getting Started


After introducing Skull, this time let’s see how to install and use Skull to create a Skull project.

Install Skull

As mentioned in Introduction, Skull includes 3 majors parts: skull-core, skull-apis and skull-scripts. To play with it, we need to install Skull first, then use Skull commands to create/manage a Skull project.

And as we expected, Skull can not only work in the big data center, but also in the resource very limited environment(embedded device), like Raspberry Pi, follow me to see how to do that :)

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