Load Balancer: Will our system survive?

Table of Contents

Types of The Load Balancers

There are two major types:

  • Layer 4 load balancer
  • Layer 7 load balancer


  • High availability, maintain the uninterrupted service externally
  • Less downtime and higher throughput
  • More secure, admins can easily to configure the routing rules
  • Detect bottlenecks before they happening
  • Fewer failed or stressed components


  • Additional hop adds a little latency
  • Additional hardware and operation cost

Common Load Balancing Algorithms

  • Least Connection Method
  • Least Response Time Method
  • Least Bandwidth Method
  • Round Robin Method
  • Weighted Round Robin Method
  • IP Hash
  • Mod-Hashing by a certain dimension
  • Consistent-Hashing by a certain dimension
  • Range-based
  • List-based


Product Layer4 Layer7
Nginx Y
Haproxy Y Y
Traefix Y


To learn more, we can search for more content from the internet. And one more thing here, let’s back the original question, will our system survive if we have a load balancer? To answer it, I’ve made a video on Youtube, hope you enjoy it, have fun :)