Migration WordPress from 5.2.1 to 5.7.1

Ok guys, I just made a mistake and broken my blog few days ago, but finally, as it get back to normal, so let me show you what's happening.

It is beginning from a mad idea, I upgraded my vps OS to ubuntu 12.04, after that, I found that the php-fpm process has broken(due to the php has upgraded too), and this is just a little bit problem, but I also downloaded the latest version of wordpress, so the disaster has coming to me.

During the upgrading to the latest wordpress, I just follow the instructions from its official website, maybe I did a wrong way, I deleted the wp-admin folder, so when I re-try to access my blog from browser, it shown me nothing, yes, there is nothing I can see. I checked the access log, it's 500 error in there, but I don't know what's the exactly error happened.

God help me, I have not too much time to figure it out what's the root reason, I only guess the old version of wordpress is not compatible with the latest. After a while, I install the latest wordpress and play with it. it's more beautiful that the old one, so I decide to use this one.

Ok, the next thing I need to do is migration the old data to the new one, at first I dump all the old wordpress mysql db, and restore to the new one, unfortunately, it failed, after restoring, I cannot see anything from browser. I guess the wp-metadata table is not suitable for the new one or some other reasons I don't care. And when I check the wp-posts table, I didn't saw there is any special field depend on other tables, it is only contain the pure data, so I only dumped this table's data and restored it to the new one, that's great, it works, aha, so excited for that. The exact command as follow:
1. dump the wp-posts table from old wordpress

mysqldump --add-drop-table -u mysqlusername -p old_databasename wp-posts > old_posts.sql

2. restore the wp-posts table to the new wordpress

mysql -u mysqlusername
 -p new_databasename < old_posts.sql

Finally, as you saw, all the things come back except the comments, if you also care about the comments, you should dump the wp-comments table as well.

Have a fun 😀

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