Flibs 0.7.4 Released

Table of Contents

The flibs 0.7.4 has been released, which include the following changes:

1. Refactor all the makefiles, now it can be built in parallel
2. Refactor the header files folder structure, to make them more user friendly
3. Refactor some apis, to make them more user friendly
4. Replace malloc with calloc, to avoid potential un-initialization issue
5. Fix some type conversion incorrect issue, to make it more stablization
6. Fix the valgrind errors when building the libs on 32 bit platform

For example, if you want to compile the static-link libraries, now just run:

make -j4
make install

And all the header files have been moved to include/flibs, so whatever you include it from the submodule of your project or /usr/local, just write it one time:

#include <flibs/xxx.h>

Ok, so for now, all the api prefix are starting with “f”, and you can identify them easier than before.

Just enjoy and have a fun :)