Summary of 2014

Table of Contents

In the past year, for my personal projects, I did some achievements on them, and created some new projects as well, here I just summarize them for the recording purposes.

Exist Projects

  • flibs: upgraded to 0.6.6, including:
    • The code base refactor
    • fhash refactor
    • flog optimization
    • other bug fixing
  • fenv: more user friendly, and add more than 30+ commits

New Projects

  • ftracer: C/C++ program tracer, which is useful in deep diving into a complex project quickly
  • openwrt-scripts: now, it contain a dnsmasq config generator

The Next

And, in the next year, the draft plan as following:

  1. Separate fmem and fpcap from flibs
  2. Refine the makefile for flibs, make it more user friendly, faster and portable
  3. Create a fstr in flibs, which will be great useful for many C programs
  4. Continue add more scripts in openwrt-scripts project, such as:
    • Geo based ip record selector for dnsmasq or pdnsd
    • Secure dns reply policy for dnsmasq
  5. A new server side framework will be announced

Good bye 2014, good luck 2015 :)