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Compile mutrace on RHEL6

Why mutrace Recently, I want to profile the linux user lock(pthread mutex/rwlock) performance of a project, and there are few options for this purpose: valgrind(drd) systemtap(futexes.stp) lttng mutrace Finally, I selected the mutrace due to: valgrind(drd): It’s really slow, cannot provide credible information. systemtap(futexes.stp): It’s really great in profiling kernel, […]

Profile with gprof

SUMMARY “Profile” is a familiar word for us, especially in C/C++ program. So there are some ways to profile a C/C++ program, such as CodeViz, doxygen, gprof, oprofile and so on. These can be separated in two categories: Static – CodeViz, doxygen … dynamic – gprof, oprofile … When you need to profile? Usually, […]