Skull Version 1.0-rc3 comes out

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Recently I just pushed out Skull 1.0-rc3, this is a great improvement for Skull. Basically it includes multiple enhancements, like makes the error handling robuster, the functional test easier than ever, and a new Client object for getting the peer side information, etc. The release note please find it Here.

Python Stacktrace

We can see the backtrace right now when there is python error occurred :)

2017:06:22_00:35:52.954 [worker-0:module.response] ERROR - {module_pack} module_pack failed due to: global name 'haha' is not defined; solution: StackTrace:
at module_pack (/home/final/code/github/fDNSTurbo/run/lib/py/skull/modules/response/ - a = haha.aa
at run_module_pack (/usr/local/lib/skullpy/ - 'StackTrace:\n{}'.format(__dumpStackTrace()))

Changes Since rc1

  • Core
    • Enhancement: Check module.init/service.init return value
    • Enhancement: Output more details when logger cannot be created
  • User
    • Enhancement: Better error handling when exception occurred
    • Enhancement: Python layer support dumping the stacktrace
    • Enhancement: Use Client object instead of peer_xxx apis
    • Enhancement: Make pack function error handling robuster
    • Enhancement: Fix dead-lock when exception occurred in pack phase
  • MISC
    • Enhancement: Upgrade to latest skull-ft

Other Related Updates

DNSTurbo also got upgrade, including fix the dependency issue in Ubuntu 16.04, also logging the peer information in the main log file, so people can easily to get who/when calling the DNSTurbo to query which domain. Feel free to upgrade it, and try it out :D (Trailer: Here)

What’s Next?

Finally, the Skull v1.0 official version will be coming very soon, and next step, the some of exciting stuffs will be on the road, like:

  • Docker integration
  • Slow logs
  • Unix domain socket trigger
  • Inner ‘Top-like’ monitoring
  • Transparent proxy workflow
  • Warning & Notification system
  • Skull cluster
  • A web GUI
  • etc..

Let’s stay tuned, and have fun :)